1. What are your opening hours?

Consultations / Fittings are done on Saturdays from 09:00 – 14:00 and Wednesdays from 18:30 – 20:30. Fittings are done by appointment only.

  1. Is there a fitting fee?

Yes, R20 per dress fitted.

  1. Do you sell or hire wedding dresses?

We only sell wedding dresses, so hiring any of our gowns is not an option.

  1. Are all the dresses on our website in stock?

No, we have a sample range in stock that is available for fittings. We try and keep as many different styles in stock to give brides the opportunity to find what she likes and what suits her best.

  1. How many people can be brought along to a fitting?

We only have enough seating for 4 in our studio, so 3-4 is a good number.

*Some advice – Too many people can often make the fitting process become confusing or overwhelming.

  1. Can any dress on your website be ordered?

Yes, any dress from any of the online catalogues on the website can be ordered.

  1. Can a dress be ordered in a different colour to the dress in the photos?

Yes, dresses can be ordered in white, ivory or champagne. Other colours are available, so please don’t hesitate to inquire.

  1. Can I order a dress that is not on your website?

Yes. If you have photos of the dress you want we can forward them on to our suppliers who will let us know if they can or cannot make it for you.

  1. How long in advance should I come in for my first consultation to discuss my dress and how long in advance should the dress be ordered?

We recommend coming in for your first consultation about 6-8 months before your wedding. Once your dress has been ordered, it will take about 12 weeks to complete. We recommend securing your order 16 weeks before your wedding. Rush orders can also be arranged.

  1. Do I order the dress in a standard size or with custom measurements?

We recommend custom measurements for each bride, unless you are a standard size.

  1. What happens if I lose or gain weight after the dress is ordered?

We highly recommend selecting the lace up closure if you are on a serious diet or plan to lose weight before your big day. This will allow for a change in size of a few centimetres without altering your dress. However, if a zip or  buttons closure is chosen, and your size does change, see point 12.

  1. If a dress needs altering, do you offer this service?

We don’t have an in-house seamstress, but we have a recommended seamstress that many of our Cape Town brides have used in the past.

13. How does payment work?

When placing the order, a 60% deposit is due and the balance is due when the dress arrives. We will send out an invoice to you with all the details you need i.e. Banking details, deposit amount etc.

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